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New spanners are now available.
The spanners are cut from stainless steel, 2mm thick with close tolerances. I have improved the design in order to make the handling more useful.
In case you have tortured your nuts already with in-appropriate tools and have damaged the slots or diameters, light re-work either on the nuts or the spanners might be necessary. Pictures can be send
The prize of the set is EURO 54,00 plus freight.


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Halteplatte für LUCAS TR6 PI Einspritzdüsen - New Clamping Plate for PI Injectors


Neues Design der Düsenhalteplatte

New Design of the clamping plate  for the LUCAS TR6 PI injectors


Düsenhalteplatte eingebaut

Injector clamping plate assembled



Halteschraube der Düsenhalteplatte gelockert, Düsenhalteplatte im Uhrzeigersinn gedreht und die Halteschraube gegebenenfalls wieder leicht angezogen. Die Düsen können nun gezogen werden, ohne die Halteplatte komplett zu entfernen

Slacken the hex bolt of the injector clamping plate, rotated the injector clamping plate clockwise and if necessary fix the injector clamping plate in this position and lock the screw.

Now, the injectors can be removed from air intake easily without withdrawing the hex bolt and the injector clamping plate.


Lieferung:   3 Stück Düsenhalter 

Delivery:     3pc. injector clamping plate

Preis:          EURO 19,90 incl. Versand

Price:          EURO 21,50 incl. postage overseas

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